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With a passion for travel, my mission is to inspire more people, particularly our age, to have the confidence to enjoy adventurous and culturally immersive travel experiences.

Everyone has a life story to tell. Drawing on publishing and business acumen let me assist you publish your story through a book or simply share your life story with family through a personal memoir or by preserving and sharing your archive of family videos.


Book Mentor

Do not publish your book until you read this....

Do not publish your book until you read this.... Does your book offer a benefit to a far greater audience than just your immediate network? 

Do you have a personal ambition, or even a sense of obligation that as many people as possible would benefit from your story or knowledge?

Discover how to turn your passion as a successful author that can positively impact people around the world.

Memoir Book

Record your personal history in a book to give as a gift to your family & friends... 

We all have a story to tell. We don't have to be famous or have done anything amazing.

But each of us is unique and has a story our grandchildren will want to hear from us. Whether it's to share the life lessons we have learnt or simply sharing how life was.

Your story does not have to be a novel. It's your story, you choose. But above all, allowing your story to live on makes a wonderful gift for your children and grandchildren.



Celebrate special occasions with a unique Party Video.

Present the special person in your life with a special lasting video collage of video messages from all their friends and family. Also ideal as a corporate gift from work colleagues.

Convert VHS Tapes to preserve and share your old home movies...

Don't lose all your precious old home movie memories. You probably have  a box full of old old VHS movies stacked away.  

Discover an easy way to preserve and start sharing your old home movies with your family and friends.

Midlife Travel

 Travel the world more adventurously & enjoying a more authentic cultural experience...

Discover the secrets of how to travel the world as a Youthful Midlife Traveler, where you wish and on your terms. 

Learn the tips and advice from experienced worldwide travelers.

Find out how solo women travelers deal with issues like danger, safety and feelings of isolation.

​Be empowered to travel and experience your travel adventure dreams.

The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel

"...Reading this entertaining travel memoir, you’ll discover how one man's journey, prompted by a personal loss, has changed his life forever and inspired countless others.

A grandfather of seven, Chris Herrmann left his home and family in Australia and embarked on an unlikely and at times hilarious 365-day solo backpacking adventure around the world. Chris set out to live every day as an unknown adventure. He wasn’t trying to escape from life or to find himself. Instead he wanted to be free to explore and escape the normal routines and expectations of life.

While some saw his trip as crazy, he embraced it as a way to challenge himself. To push himself out of his comfort zone. He left with no purpose, other than to take each day as it came and be open to opportunities. You’ll learn how one project he initiated has benefited charities worldwide.

The Youthful Art of Midlife Travel is a retitled version of the original My Senior Gap Year book. The book has now been published in Chinese, and has been featured on TV, radio, print and online from the BBC to USA, Australia, Europe and Asia media. 

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